Interior Mass

It is important to note that Mass times can change as a result of funerals or if clergy have to be elsewhere. Please consult the Newsletter weekly to ensure that there are no changes.


MASS INTENTIONS: We are very fortunate in this parish to have Mass offered every day, sometimes twice a day. If you would like Mass to be offered for your intentions, for the intentions of your loved ones or departed relatives, please use the Mass Intention envelopes that are available from the back of church and post through the Presbytery Letter Box. It is appropriate to include a donation to the priest, this is known as a Mass Stipend. Thank you.

Christmas Eve, Monday 24th December
Priory Street         6.00 pm     Vigil Mass especially for families
Monkwick              8.00 pm     Vigil Mass preceded by Carols at 7.30 pm
Priory Street         12.00 am   Midnight Mass preceded by Carols at 11.30 pm

Christmas Day, Tuesday 25th December
Priory Street         8.00 am         Christmas Dawn Mass
Priory Street         10.30 am         Christmas Day Mass
Mersea                  9.00 am Christmas Dawn Mass preceded by Carols at 08.30 am

Main Church, 51 Priory Street, Colchester
Saturday9.15 am, 6.15 pm (Sunday Vigil Mass)
Sunday8.00 am, 10.30 am, 6.30 pm
Monday - Friday

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9.15 am

Wednesday : 12.15 pm

Holy Days9.15 am, 12.15 pm, 7.30 pm
Signed Mass2nd Sunday of the month at 3.30 pm
Filipino Mass 1st Sunday in the month at 4.00 pm
Polish Mass

2nd Sunday of the month at 2.00 pm

3rd Sunday of the month at 4.00 pm


West Mersea, St. Cedd and St. Gregory, Barfield Road
Sunday8.30 am


Mile End, St. Joseph, Mill Road
Sunday9.15 am


Monkwick, St Theodore of Canterbury, Prince Philip Road
Sunday10.15 am


Sacrament of Reconciliation ( Priory Street only ):

Saturday 9.45 to 10.30 am and 5.30 to 6.00 pm, or on request.

Other Activities ( Priory Street only ):

SUNDAYS: Divine Mercy followed by Rosary 3.00 pm

DAILY: Morning Prayer 8:15 am; Rosary/Divine Mercy 8:35 am

EVENING PRAYER: Fridays at 6.00 pm Church.

PRAYER GROUP: Mondays at 7:45 pm Crypt.

MEDITATION GROUP: Tuesdays at 8.00 pm Crypt.


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