Thanksgiving Mass and reception  held to commemorate Canon Tony's Priestly ordination.

Bishop Emeritus Thomas McMahon, several other Priests, Deacons and Parishioners joined Canon Tony on March 28, 2016 to celebrate thanksgiving Mass and attend reception to commemorate his forty years  Priestly ordination.

Here are some pictures taken on the day.

To display the picture, click on the links. To download the picture, right click on the links and click "save target as". The pictures varies in sizes from 500KB to 1.2MB.

 Anniversary Picture 1

 Anniversary Picture 2

 Anniversary Picture 3

 Anniversary Picture 4

 Anniversary Picture 5

 Anniversary Picture 6

 Anniversary Picture 7

 Anniversary Picture 8

 Anniversary Picture 9

 Anniversary Picture 10

 Anniversary Picture 11

 Anniversary Picture 12

 Anniversary Picture 13

 Anniversary Picture 14

 Anniversary Picture 15

 Anniversary Picture 16

 Anniversary Picture 17

 Anniversary Picture 18

 Anniversary Picture 19

 Anniversary Picture 20

 Anniversary Picture 21

 Anniversary Picture 22

 Anniversary Picture 23

 Anniversary Picture 24



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